Chord Gitar Take Us Higher - True Worshippers

Intro :
C  Cmaj7  F/C  Cmaj7
C  Cmaj7  F/C  Cmaj7

Verse :
F           Dm
  Hear Your Generation
F           Dm              C
  Lift Your Name Across The Land
F          Dm
  Songs Of Adoration
F         Dm             C
  For The Victory In Our Hands

Em                        Am
  Take Us Higher Than The Stars
 Into Te Sky Above
  As We Live In Purpose
            F          G
   And Your Glory Is Revealed

Chorus :
C                              F
  All The Mountains Lift Their Praise
  As Your Children Sing In Faith
  And Light The World And Salt 
  The Earth To Bring You Glory

C                                  F
  The Songs Of Truth Shall Then Be Heard
  Your Generations Bless The World
                      G         A#   
  As You Take Us Ever Higher To Shine 
   F         C
  Above The Earth

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