Chord Gitar Take Me Deeper - City Harvest Church

Verse :
  There Is A Longing 
  F     G       C
  Only You Can Fill
Em          Am
  A Raging Tempest 
  F             G
  Only You Can Still
Am            C/G
  My Soul Is Thirsty Lord
      F               C/E
  To Know You As I'm Known
Dm                C/E
  Drink From The River
        F                 G
  That Flows Before Your Throne

Chorus :
Take Me Deeper
Em         Am        G
Deeper In Love With You
Dm             C/E
Jesus Hold Me Close
In Your Embrace
         C     G/B
Take Me Deeper
                 Am7               C/G
Deeper Than I've Ever Been Before
                F                 C/E
I Just Want To Love You More And More
       Dm7        G         C
How I Long To Be Deeper In Love

Verse :
  Sunrise To Sunrise
  F       G         C
  I Will Seek Your Face
Em              Am
  Drawn By The Spirit
          F               G
  To The Promise Of Your Grace
Am              G
  My Heart Has Found In You
     F               C/E
  A Hope That Will Abide
Dm              C/E
  Here In Your Presence
     F          G
  Forever Satisfied

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