Chord Gitar Near Or Far - Sidney Mohede

Verse :
C          G/B
  I Am So Amazed
         Dm               G
  At The Love That I Have Found
C                          G/B
  I’ve Been Counting On My Ways
           Dm                G
  Yet Your Love’s None To Compare

Am                   G
  And All Through My Weaknesses
      F                           G
  You Still Showed Me That You’re There
Am            G
  So I Lay My Pride Aside
     F                        G
  To Seek You And To Know You More

Chorus :
C                G/B  
  I Surrender My Will, 
  And Let Yours Be Done
                  F  G      C
  And I Will Hold On To The One
  So Let Me Follow To 
  The Place Where You Are
  I Run To The Promise
  G    C
  Near Or Far

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