Chord Gitar In Christ Alone - Brian Littrell

Verse :
In Christ Alone Will I Glory
       Am              F               Am
Though I Could Pride Myself In Battles Won
    G         C
For I’ve Been Blessed Beyond Measure
    Dm               Am            G
And By His Strength Alone I’ll Overcome
F                    G/B  
Oh, I Could Stop And Count
      C        Am           G   F
Successes Like Diamonds In      My Hands
But Those Trophies Could Not
 Am           Dm       F       G
Equal To The Grace By Which I Stand

Chorus :
   C/E    F
In Christ Alone
I Place My Trust
And Find My Glory In 
     G        C         Am
The Power Of The Cross

         F     G
In Every Victory
          C       Am
Let It Be Said Of Me
My Source Of Strength
My Source Of Hope
Is Christ Alone

Verse :
In Christ Alone Do I Glory
    Am          F       Am
For Only By His Grace I Am Redeemed
    G    C
And Only His Tender Mercy
      Dm              Am          G
Could Reach Beyond My Weakness 

To My Need
    F             G/B    C
And Now I Seek No Greater 
        Am      G    F
Honor In Just To Know Him More
And To Count My Gains But 
 Am             Dm     F    G
Losses To The Glory Of My Lord

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