Chord Ukulele Favorite Sin - Marion Jola ft. Tuan Tigabelas - Berikut adalah Chord Ukulele Favorite Sin - Marion Jola ft. Tuan Tigabelas yang kamu cari-cari, lagu ini dapat kamu mainkan dengan mudah, dan silahkan ganti chord sesuai dengan nada vokal kamu ya teman-teman.

kunci kentrung favorite sin mudah
Untuk stel-an GCEA silahkan
Transpose ke F dan stel-an
standar Transpose ke C.

Am  Em  Dm
Am  Em  Dm

Am                          Em
All Of My Life I've Been Searching For
Some Who Gets Me Accepts Me
Finds My Flaws Fancy

Am                   Em
I Never Thought We Would Have Worked
Looking At Hindsight
Now All Seems Right

Pre Chorus:
DB            Fm
Oh I Was So Wrong
You Came On So Strong
It All Happened Like Magic
           Am                G
I'm Intoxicated And I Want More

You’re The One
I Really Want
I Really Need

Cause You’re An Angel
       Em    Dm
Don’t Ever You Go Away
Sent Down From Heaven
        Em      D#m
To Take All My Pain Away

              F        Am    
Your Love Is Magic I Want You
I Need You Here.
             F        Am
You Light My Fire My Angel
Oh You Are
You’re My Favorite Sin

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Yoo Girl You Know I Got Youright?

F   Am  G
Let Me The One Who Hold Your 
Hand In The Middle Of The Night
Be The One Who Guard You
I'm A Treat You Right
Yoo Girl Don't Stop
You Make Me Fly So High
If Loving You Is Wrong
Baby I Don't Want Be Right

F   Am  G
You're My Senorita
Every Great King Need A Queen SoINeedYou
No Matter Where You Go
Please Take Me With You
Till The End Of Time You're My Only Diva
123 And To The 4
Do This One More Time Let's Go

Kamu baru saja memainkan Chord Ukulele Favorite Sin - Marion Jola ft. Tuan Tigabelas mudah dan gampang dari kunci C dan bisa dimainkan dari ukulele atau kentrung senar 3 dan senar 4. Apabila kamu tertarik, silahkan cek dan mainkan Chord ukulele lainnya dari Marion Jola Tuan Tigabelas