Chord Gitar The Great I Am - True Worshippers

Verse :
  F         G          Am
  Wonderful Savior And Lord
  F           G           C
  How Could I Afford Your Cross?
Dm        C/E         F
  Hope Of All The Generations
Dm        C/E           G
  Lamb Of God Be Lifted High

  F         G         Am
  Marvelous Counselor
  F        G        C
  Giver Of Life And All
Dm        C/E        F
  Lifting Up My Holy Offering
Dm      C/E           G
  You Deserve My Everything

Chorus :
You’re The Great I Am
      C/E       Am
How Majestic Is Your Name
D6       G11  Gm7  C
Maker Of All Things
You’re The King Of Glory
   C/E       Am
Salvation Restored
   D6   G11      C
Forever You Will Reign

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