Chord Gitar I Surrender - NDC Worship

Intro :
C   G/B  Am   F

Verse :
C                G/B
Lord I Call Your Name
I Hear Your Voice
Searching For Me

C                G/B
Lord I Humble My Self
I’m On My Knees
Here In Your Presence

Am          F       C
  I Give My Life To You
  All My Burdens And My Fears
Am         F
  I Lay It Down
  I Let It Go

Chorus :
     Am     F
I Surrender All
     C      G/B
I Surrender All
       Am             F
All To You My Blessed Savior
     C      G/B
I Surrender

        Am      F
Draw Me To Your Place
         C          G/B
Guide My Heart With Grace
        F           G      C
In Your Hands, I Surrender All

Music :
Am   F   C   G/B
Am   F   C   G/B
Dm   F   C   Em
Am   F   C

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