Chord Gitar I Believe in You - JPCC Worship

Verse 1 :
All I Want
      F        G
Is To Know You More
And My Hope
      F      G
Is In You Alone
      C/E              F
Jesus I Will Lift Your Name
        G           Am
For The Rest Of My Life
So I Lift My Voice
   G       C
To Worship You

Verse 2 :
You're My Refuge
    F         G
And You're My Strength
I Know You're With Me
F           G
Through The Fire
         C/E          F
From The Ashes I Will Rise
        G           Am
With My Head Lifted High
       F              G       C
I Will Sing Of Your Unfailing Love

Chorus :
    C/E       F  G
  I Sing Hallelujah
    C/E       F  G
  I Sing Hallelujah
C/E              F
  Jesus You Will Always Be
     G            Am
  My Savior And My Peace
F            G           C
  My Life Is Safe In You Alone

Bridge :
C         F/C
I Believe In You
         C          F/C
Now I Surrender All To You
C            F/C
High, I Lift My Hands
        C              F/C
And I Declare That You Are God

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