Chord Gitar God Of My Forever - City Harvest Church

Verse :
God Of My Youth I Remember
     F                       G
Your Call On My Life Took Me O'er
Your Love Has Seen Me Through All My Days
  F                  G
I Stand Here By Your Grace

Em                   F
  On This Altar I’ve Written My Life
Em                   F                Dm
  Tells Of A Story I Have With You My Lord
  I Want The World To Know

Chorus :
C              Cmaj7       C7            F
  God Of My Forever And Forever I’m With You
     Dm      G            Em
  My Life Is Saved With A Price
       Am    Dm              G
  Your Sacrifice Redeemed My Soul

C              G/B         Am          F
  God Of My Forever And Forever I Will Sing
Dm            G           Em     Am
  My Greatest Honour Will Always Be
     Dm       G        C
  To Serve My Lord And King

Verse :
C                     Am
God Of My All I’ve Surrendered
         F                  G
My Heart Finds Rest In Your Word
C                    Am
Praises Will Not Be Enough To Show
       F                G
How My Love For You Has Grown

Em                     F
  Nothing Matters When You’re Here With Me
Em                   Am       G          Dm
  In The End Just To Hear You Say, "Well Done"
  Bowing Before Your Throne

Music :
C  Cmaj7  F  G
Am   Em   Dm   C/E   F  G

Bridge :
   Am       Em
Forever And Ever
      F            G
Jesus You Alone In Glory Reign
   Am       Em
Forever And Ever
     F               G
With You I Walk This Narrow Way

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