Chord Gitar Faithful Forever - JPCC Worship

Intro :
F  Am  C  G
F  Am  C  G

Verse :
        F      C
Light Into The Night
     Am           F
Your Glory Shines Bright
       F        C
You Restored My Sight
I Come Alive

           F      C
You’re The Reason Why
   Am            F
My Dreams Are Realized
        F       C
For You Will Supply
All That I Need

Chorus :
F                Am
When I Step Into The Unknown
C                 G   Am
I Know I’ll Never Be Alone
F                   Am
You Have Won Me The Victory
  C             G
Before I Even Believed

F                      Am
When My Mind Could Not Understand
C               G     Am
Holy Spirit You Comprehend
F               Am             C
Lead Me Until I Reach The End
You Are Faithful Forever

Verse :
                F           C
You’ve Loved Me Through The Years
   Am           F
So Whom Shall I Fear?
       F        C
Now My Eyes Are Clear
You’re All I Need

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