Chord Gitar Cornerstone - Hillsong Worship

Verse 1 :
  My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less
F                       G
  Than Jesus' Blood And Righteousness
Am                     G
  I Dare Not Trust The Sweetest Frame
F            G         C
  But Wholly Trust In Jesus' Name

Chorus :
        F     Am       G
Christ Alone, Cornerstone
C/E       F
Weak Made Strong
       Am       G
In The Savior's Love
C           F     Am    G
Through The Storm He Is Lord
Lord Of All

Verse 2 :
  When Darkness Seems To Hide His Face
F                 G
  I Rest On His Unchanging Grace
Am                  G
  In Every High And Stormy Gale
F           G           C
  My Anchor Holds Within The Veil
F           G           C
  My Anchor Holds Within The Veil

Verse 3 :
  When He Shall Come With Trumpet Sound
F                  G
  Oh May I Then In Him Be Found
Am                        G
  Dressed In His Righteousness Alone
F           G        C
  Faultless Stand Before The Throne

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