Chord Ukulele My First Love - Desiruz

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Transpose ke F dan stel-an
standar Transpose ke C

C                   Em 
When i saw you as my first love 
F                       G 
You were very kind and `just be smart` 
coz now my heart want to break 
 Em                F 
free again, my love 
with you.. 

F                         Am 
But you`re just a `person not my girl` 
       Bb             C 
I want to stay with you forever 
F                         Am 
Coz i just can`t hold it anymore 
   Dm                   G 
I want to go to be with you 

C               G 
I want to get my first love 
Am                G 
It`s you as mine forever 
      F        Em       
Always, Its you `coz you 
    Dm          G 
are my only one 
C               G 
Coz only word i could say 
Am             G                 F 
My heart wanna fly with you always 
       Em         Dm     
For ever, i want you back 
           G        C 
to my world, tonight 

Outro : 
C  Em  F  G  C

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